Erik Forbes Johnson is a Fintech Business Development Executive

Erik Forbes Johnson's Bio:

Erik Forbes Johnson has been working in business development in one way or another for over a decade. He has a wealth of knowledge in finance, strategy, operations, and sales. He has experience working with companies in e-commerce, fintech, asset management, food and beverage, PR, software, employer branding, and advertising/media.

Erik Forbes Johnson is currently a business development consultant for companies in the New York City area. 

Erik Forbes Johnson's Experience:

Erik Forbes Johnson's Education:

Erik Forbes Johnson's Interests & Activities:

Erik's interests and activities include Swimming, Racquetball, Long DIstance Running, Squash, Fencing, Tennis, Fishing, Chess, Billiards, Foosball, Golf, VC, Private Equity, NFL, Travel, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Technology, Global Financial Markets, Import/Export, Antiques, E-commerce, 3D printing, and SAAS.